General Tips

  • Mount sensors on block as high as possible near cylinder head.
  • Try not to mount near rockers as high tappet noise will occur.
  • Keep wiring and sensors away from exhaust heat as much as possible and if needed make heat shield to protect them.
  • If the two sensors are mounted in different positions, use the sensor balance to even out the sound, so that the sound is even in the headset.
  • If 1 sensor is to be used only, select sensor 1 on sensor select switch and use sensor 1 connector only.
  • Use the volume control to adjust the overall volume in the headset and set to a comfortable level.
  • Disconnect power supply from battery when not in use or your battery will go flat.
  • Treat knock sensors with the utmost care. Do not drop them.
  • The unit has a selectable switch for 1 or 2 sensors.